New Thomas White songs

Thomas White Myspace Folks… just a little something to say I’ve not forgotten about anyone. I am in the process of finishing two new solo records (the first of which you can now hear a portion of here), as well as simultaneously putting the ‘f****** fairy dust’ over the new Brakes record and putting together the forthcoming Restlesslist LP, ‘Coral Island Girl’ – therefore, ultra-busy. By way of some sort of compensation, I’ve posted a couple of tunes from the up-coming ‘The Maximalist’ LP. Firstly there’s ‘Control’, which features the various talents of Stuart Flynn on voice-box (and who features elsewhere on that record) …secondly there’s ‘The Emerald Tree’, which is one of a few instrumentals on the album. Please enjoy. I will endeavour to sort release dates and tour info asap.

The Fresh Deer Meat website features new Thomas White track The Emerald Tree from upcoming album The Maximalist, out early 2009: Listen HereMore info on the compilation.