First ever Clowns review!!

Ian Chambers reviews Clowns debut gig… here’s some quotes:

Musically it’s a mind bending concoction – twisted and slightly disturbing yet darkly playful, managing to combine the rockabilly swagger of Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster with the pop sensibilities of early Squeeze, all underlined by frenzied Fugazi-esque guitar attacks. This proves to be one of their greatest strengths, combining such disparate sounds to create something truly cohesive and wholly unique.

‘She Says I’m A Clown’ brings things to a perfect conclusion, building to a climatic sprawling whirlwind of sound with all four band members chanting the repeated chorus. It’s fair to say that no-one else is making the sounds of Clowns at the moment – it’s primal, raw, rocking and ever so slightly f***** up. And all the better for it.