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Electric Soft Parade feature on Levellers 7″ b-side/download

On Tuesday 4th November (American election day) folk-punk legends the Levellers are releasing a limited edition 7″ called ‘Burn America Burn’. The b-side is taken from sessions in the band’s own Metway studios where the Levellers have collaborated with other bands. The track ’15 Years’, originally from the classic album ‘Levelling The Land’, features The Electric Soft Parade, a version which offers a uniquely lackadaisical take presenting the song in a completely different light

The collectable 7″ vinyl will be available in two different sleeves and as a download from all major download stores. The Levellers have an unmistakable look to their artwork, all designed by bassist Jeremy who has won awards for his sleeve and logo design.

‘Burn America Burn’ is taken from the genre-defining critically acclaimed studio album ‘Letters From The Underground’, their fastest selling album in years. The Levellers have never been a band to shy away from political and social commentary and whilst watching the US destroy itself felt the need to have a poke at cultural imperialism reflecting the rot of American society. In fact, whilst front man Mark Chadwick was focusing musically on America’s decaying culture Jeremy was writing the lyrics expanding the theme and applying it to all nations and not just America, having a broader approach to the same sentiments. Lyrically the song highlights these issues through the eyes of a Virginia Tech type gunman exploring why and how humanity could descend to such depths.

The Levellers have seen a renaissance with their live career in recent years. 2008 sees them airing the new songs and old favourites from their hit-rich back catalogue. They have headlined a number of festivals this Summer, including their own Beautiful Days festival and are embarking on a European and UK tour this Winter. Thomas provided percussion for the band at The Royal Albert Hall on 27th September.