Crazy Quilt Bouquet namecheck ESP

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Crazy Quilt Bouquet – Mango Lassie

I had a seismic shift in me psyche when I saw the willowy girl,
In a bar with The Electric Soft Parade, a beer, a J20 and a smile from the barmaid.
She’s my mango lassie – my tango sassy.
She said ‘Where have you come from?’ I said ‘I come from Nottingham’.

She’s what she wears – simple but smart,
But with no sleeve for a heart, too sensitive by half.
My mango lassie – my tango sassy.
She said ‘I live in the flat above, do you want a head on that one love?’

I felt compressed in my zip file, I’d not be opened for quite a while.
She was my long haired Buddha from Liverpool, I was trying to be cool,
But probably looked a fool to my long haired lassie – I still said ‘Can I see you?’
She said ‘It’s quarter to seven – I’m off at eleven!’

She’s my mango lassie – my tango sassy – the beer was gassy.

My body sat for hours, thinking of her and drinking up Flowers,
Wondering if I’d be the first, to take the edge off my hunger I quenched my thirst.
She was really classy, with a good chassis too.
I was going steady, she said ‘Are you ready? Let’s go!’

Screw tops after midnight, slow burn by candlelight,
She was up for it all right but I stayed down – I was too tight,
And then she asks me ‘Am I ugly?’
I said ‘No it’s not you it’s me’, she said ‘I thought it might be…’

I thought we could be happy,
Me and my mango lassie,
But alas she couldn’t agree.