Restlesslist on 6 Music

Here’s the fan recordings…

Restlesslist on 6 Music Part 1 (comes on at start of the show)

Restlesslist on 6 Music Part 2 (comes on around 40 mins in)

Restlesslist Interview Transcript – click link for the whole thing… Quotes:

Marc: Oh you know, just chuffin’ marvellous. Restlesslist with Mint Sauce and I can only say it like that – Restlesslist (lisps) Right OK, I’m just going to try and explain what happened today. I was on my way into work, and I was on hands free before anybody shouts at me, and I was talking to Giles from The Earlies about this gig tomorrow night, and I mentioned that Restlesslist were coming in, and he said oh yeah, The Earlies did a gig with them in Brighton a while ago, yeah it was great. I said, I don’t know much about ‘em, I’ve just been playing the single, Butlin Breaks, I love it, we’ve got ‘em coming in tonight. He said yeah, it’s a couple of The Electric Soft Parade innit? I was like, is it? So I have been playing it in complete ignorance, I play most records in complete ignorance anyway because I am ignorant. But I had no idea it was you guys, and then of course Tom, you were in here, you’ve been here on several occasions, and Matt came in obviously with The Electric Soft Parade, but you were in not that long ago playing at that piano, doing your solo stuff, which I believe you are touring at the moment.

Yeah we were in York last night, I’m on tour with a man called Chris T-T.

Marc: When you came in, you gave me this album of your band didn’t you.

The Restlesslist record – The Rise And Fall Of The Curtain Club.

Marc: What I was trying to explain to you is, I’m 46, and what happened is, this box has now been christened “the black hole”. Bands come in on a regular basis, and say “this is great” or “this is my other band”, and I go “great, I’ll listen to that”, put it in there, that’s it, I don’t see it again for a couple of months. So I have to apologise profusely, you tried your hardest to open my eyes to the wonderfullness of Restlesslist and it took me ages to find it.

It’s happened in the end.

Marc: So how long have you been going, have you done loads of gigs and I’ve just been blissfully ignorant of you?

Yeah, pretty much.

Marc: I can’t believe I’m so stupid…

That’s about the vibe. That’s the biog.

Marc: Butlin Breaks as I say, we’ve been playing it a lot, we’ll continue to do so and I’ll play the album now I’ve got it. We’re starting a new programme in a couple of weeks, I hope you won’t be extremely offended if we use Butlin Breaks as the bits of music that we talk over every now and then.

That’d be lovely, that’d be nice wouldn’t it… What’s the PRS on that.

(after hearing Butlin Breaks live)

Marc: I applaud you literally, I mean this, that’s got to be one of the records of the year, when it comes through to Christmas and we’re putting that programme together with all the best records, I can guarantee that that will be in there… Tom, I’ll see you again in a couple of weeks with another band I would imagine. Alright then, I’ll look forward to it.