New Thomas White song + video

Watch The Runaround video…

Debut Solo Album – I Dream Of Black – released 14th July on Drift Records

His first solo outing, I Dream Of Black, is a home crafted dream-scape of whirring synths, psych-guitar, and the instantly recognisable vocal. With the self-imposed remit of “making a cohesive record without going anywhere near a studio”, Tom set himself up with a Tascam 4-Track tape recorder and began brainstorming.

Inspiration is derived from a myriad of different sources including The Dandy Warhols, RTX, Broadcast, Money Mark, Clearlake and The Wicker Man. Amid ambient electro-acoustica and playful surf ‘wig-outs’, the single The Runaround sees Thomas “channeling Courtney Taylor-Taylor circa 1998”, while the albums’ “only love song” Starry Nite #2 conjures up The Beach Boys at their beatific best. Starry Nite #3 splices Robert Wyatt’s early seventies recordings with the dusty beats of Money Mark, and closer Wartime Love/Solar Collapse imagines the sound of a solar implosion as heard from earth.