FM4 Interview & Session

Electric Soft Parade had an interview and session on FM4 in Austria.

Interview, Silent To The Dark, Shore Song, Come Back Inside

Read a transcription A few quotes from it: FM4: You’re a family on tour? TW: Kind of, except our parents aren’t here and our cat isn’t here either. FM4: I think a lot of things happened in those 6 years, since you recorded your first album. How can you describe it, what’s your mood, how’s it going with the band and being on tour? TW: Well I think the whole kinda musical climate’s changed, there’s a lot more bands, there’s millions, thousands more bands than there were when we first started out. So you can look at that one of two ways; you can look at it as in it’s over saturated and it’s impossible to get yourself noticed, or you can look at it as there’s loads of bands and most of them are pretty rubbish so it makes us look better, which is kind of how I see it. Sorry. But yeah. FM4: After 6 years, you started when you were 16 and you were 18, you’re still very very young, so does it sometimes feel like “all my adult life has been playing in a rock n roll band”, that’s a little strange sometimes? A: It is quite weird, you ask about making money and stuff, if we can make money off it. We do other things, I’ve got a job and I play with a band called The Pipettes. Tom plays with various other bands and does his own solo project as well. We’ve got loads of things going on, we then come back and do Soft Parade.