Drift Records interview + Tom Solo tracks

Drift Records talk about their upcoming releases at isthismusic.com

Tell us a bit about the Drift Collective, who’s involved, what’s the story!? R.G. Morrisson: Er. Johny (TPoB) and I started Drift because we wanted to release records exactly the way we wanted to, in our heads it was something along the lines of Sub Pop and Track and Field. Find a great band, hang out with them, then take a risk and release EXACTLY what they want to. The Collective keeps stretching, but we have four records out now, four more produced (Mary Hampton, Nada, Tandy Hard and Matt Eaton) and we just announced that we are going to work on Albums with Thomas White (Electric Soft Parade) and The Tenderfoot. There’s the second albums from Johny and I, Cottonmouth Rocks, Caruska. We’re also trying to court some Scottish scoundrels as well.

It should all be clearer by the end of the year… we’re just trying to release as many of the awesome noises we have under out hats as possible.